Horseland Journey
Horseland Journey

Thanks and links

I pride myself on my only support on my long rides being my sports bra.  Strictly speaking, that’s not true.  I choose not to travel with any kind of support vehicle so there is no-one transporting my luggage, going on ahead to check out my route or put up my tent, nor to pick me up when things go wrong.  But any long ride, whether it’s for a week, a year, or more, inevitably involves the support of many different people, from friends, family, farriers and farmers to the people who magically appear out of nowhere with a cup of tea or piece of cake. A very big thank you to everyone who has made this ride possible.  To name everyone individually would be an impossible task, but there are some people I would particularly like to thank. 

Chris Wood-Gee, for never once doubting that I could and would do it, for riding with me for the first two weeks, and for so willingly agreeing to look after the rest of my menagerie while I’m away.

Elsa Wood-Gee, my lovely daughter, who drew my horse logo, made my website, helped find places to stay, and a whole lot more.  Most of all whose stoicism and ever-cheerful companionship on our ride from John O’Groats to Lands End is a constant inspiration.  

Jake Wood-Gee, my son, who has been a bouncing board for ideas and let me take over his pony Micky when the two of them had different ideas on what riding was about.


Steve Brockett, the amazing photographer who so generously agreed to me using one of his fantastic pictures of Sultan the pit pony land sculpture.  I urge you to check out his website

Claire Farrell, a name to watch out for in the photography world, who so kindly agreed to come and take photos of us at the Kelpies and Glasgow Clydesdale.  

Graphic design

Charlie Evans who sorted out my logo for me, without ever complaining when I changed my mind.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.  ttps://

Hoggett Creative, based in Annan, who turned my ideas for postcards and business cards into something really special.

Route planning

William Reddaway, whose meticulous planning for his own ride

puts me to shame.  Thank you William for your unstinting interest and support, no matter how differently we may do things. 

Simon Jacyna, Morven Lawson, Heather Baker and the many others who’ve advised on parts of my route through Scotland.  

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